Welcome to our holiday home in Bonyhád (South West Hungary)

Our attractively equipped Winery is located about 16 miles to the North of Pécs and 120 miles to the South of Budapest, in Bonyhád.

The Verkadenest (name of our holiday home) can accommodate up to four people. It is equipped with standard luxury: half open kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, spacious living room with a sitting area and a dining table. There is a bedroom with two single beds and the other room has a double bed. The whole house is heated with a wood-burning stove. For this, wood is available. The bathroom includes a toilet, a hot shower and a washing machine. The kitchen is fully equipped for normal use. Because – in contrast to our country – there is no sewer in this area in Hungary, it is obligatory to use biological products like organic shower gel and detergent. These products are freely available in our holiday home.
The garden contains a small vineyard and also fruit and nut trees, which offer you their delicious fruits towards the end of the summer.
Two sport bikes are available for anyone who wants to explore the area in an active way.

The property is located on the northern side of the Mecsek mountains, at an altitude of about 328 foot above the city. Our holiday home offers a lot of privacy.  The living room offers you  panoramic views over the city of Bonyhád.
This is a town situated in Tolna County and it is the centre of Völgység (‘the land of the valleys’). The town has a lot to offer: museums, historical monuments and buildings and a rich folk art tradition. Prominently present is the ‘ Road of the Catholics’ which is dominated by the classical baroque mansions of the family Perczel. In Völgység Museum you can find information about local history and since 2009, the Tourist Information Office has also been situated in this building.

The department stores of Tesco and Lidle can be found within walking distance. Next to Lidle, there is an outdoor swimmingpool.
You will find complete relaxation, sitting by the wood fire,  without being  distracted by Internet or TV, because they are not available in our holiday home.