About us


We are Jurriën and Margreet Verkade and the landlords of our holiday home ‘Verkadenest’. Hungary is our second homeland. And we surely feel at home there. We have an open mind towards the Hungarian population and that’s what Hungarians appreciate. Hungarian history and its extremely diverse population are fascinating. They always make us feel very welcome, because they are helpful and eager to learn.  We wish you  unforgettable days in the fascinating country of Hungary.


The capital of Budapest 101 miles, a one hour and forty five minutes drive
A mix of young and old, historical treasures and modern extravagance, that is Budapest. That  beautiful city on the Danube. Take a romantic stroll along the waterfront or explore one of the  225 museums that  Budapest has to offer.
City of Pécs 24 miles, a  thirty-seven minutes drive Pécs is a university town and has a ceramic industry (the Zsolnay porcelain factory) The artist Victor Vasarely was born in Pécs. In 2010 Pécs was one of the cultural capitals of Europe. See the video clip at the bottom of our tab  “Information.”
The port of Baja 26 miles, a forty-five minutes drive
Baja is surrounded by the Danube and is situated on a tributary of the River Sugovica. The island in the river is a paradise for holidaymakers. Besides a swimming pool and a tennis court, you will also find the harbour here that constitutes an important link in the Rhine-Main-Danube route. There are many beautiful buildings in Baja and a museum and it is famous for its fish soup.
Dombay-to (Dombay Lake) 17.5 miles, a twenty-one minutes drive
This is a beach at the town of Pécsvárad.  address: Nefelejcs sor / fenyosor. Lovely open air swimming and sunbathing.
Watersports  Paradise  in the town of Orfű, 36 miles, an hour’s drive
Orfű  is located 9.5 miles North of Pécs in an idyllic valley of the Mecsek Mountains. There are three reservoirs: the Orfű lake, the Pécsi Lake and the Herman Ottó Lake. The first two lakes form a small water sports paradise. You can go swimming, sailing, rowing, canoeing, surfing, fishing and paddled boating. Take a look at the film clip at the bottom of our tab “Information”
There is a watermill museum in Orfű and near Orfű you will find the dripstones cave of Abaliget. It includes a bat museum.
Every Friday there is a market in the centre of Bonyhád.
Where?  In front of the church you turn right. After 328 yards it will be on your left. The entrance to the market is not easily visible.
The market in Pécs is impressive. There isn’t a thing you cannot buy here. From vegetables to antiques. It’s a large market and it’s very special to meet up with the friendly Hungarians here.
This market is held every Sunday from 06:00 to 12:00. Where is it? address: Megyeri út 78 Pecs
Hungary is famous for its bathing culture. You can enjoy various saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, plunge pools and whirlpools, wellness and the healing power of the thermal water. Spas can be found for example in the following cities:
Harkány (near Siklos), the most famous (42 miles) address: Kossuth Lajos utca 7
Dombovar,  large outdoor pool with thermal baths (26 miles), address: Alkotás tér 1
Komlo / Sikonda (21 miles),  address: Fürdő utca 5
Bikal, modern spa and inside hotelcastle (16 miles), address: Rákóczi utca. 22
Castle in Siklós
The Castle of Siklos (42 miles) is one of the most unspoilt medieval castles in southern Hungary. All the beautiful and precious parts have been preserved since 1294: windows of medieval times, beautiful balconies from the Hungarian Gothic period, the  castle chapel from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Renaissance gate with drawbridge and the baroque fortress castle. The castle is a masterpiece of medieval Hungarian architecture.
We recommend a breath-taking walk that starts from Óbánya (9 miles) Here you will walk along the foot of the Mecsek Mountains. The trail follows the water stream with several waterfalls. See our pictures with the “gallery” tab. The Forest of Gemenc is also recommended. The largest conservation area for wildlife in Hungary covers 123552 acres and is located 34 miles East of Pecs. Nature lovers and other interested parties can visit this nature reserve only in groups and by means of the forest railway. There are two trains. The best option is to take the first train from Pörböly  (18 miles)  that departs at around 8:30. Nature is at its best then.
Information: Tourist Tolna, in de place Szekszárd, address: Széchenyi utca 38